Once dubbed the "Bad Boy of Architecture," Brian Murphy is still at it twenty years later, breaking new ground with his innovative designs and architecture. Although his style has matured, his maverick sensibilities aren't tempered as much as enhanced by this maturity.

Brian Murphy's educational background is in the studies of art, architecture and the techinical trades. He attended UCLA as an art major, went to L.A. Trade Tech and ended up in UCLA Graduate School of Architecture. He is furthermore an accomplished carpenter, who began his training as a toddler by following his contractor father to job sites. Brian Murphy believes that this hands-on experience has made him a better architect than if he had relied solely on his academic training. Thanks to his nuts-and-bolts knowledge of the construction trade, his daring designs are always feasible, functional and cost effective. His ability to transform generic brand X materials into visual humor or simple elegance is appreciated by his wide-ranging, exciting client base, comprised of people who want "something more."

In his own words, Brian Murphy says that it is for the designer to move ahead, question, challenge and dare...He sees architecture as dynamic and alive...He is eager to provide the client with something new and different, to teach by example and help expand the present vernacular. He states that with a progressive attitude, even a modest project can reflect an elevated spirit.







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